About the Author

I started blogging as a photography enthusiast, writes in many categories and forms.
My views, sometimes might not appeal to the mass, sometimes may deem offensive to some. So, read with an open mind and heart.

I'm currently leading the HR function in the Building Materials Division of Sunway Group. I am certified in HRMP by Society of HR Management (SHRM), Industrial Relations by Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), and currently pursuing Masters in Business Administration from Sunway University in collaboration with Victoria University.

I love traveling to places with great photography opportunity, from scenery, street photography, human, and things in general, I would love to capture the happenings in life. I live life with the flow, most of the time being optimistic about it; However when life gives me uncertainty, I would be anxious and lost.

I have my faith in my God, The One who created the heaven and earth, who created mankind, who send his only Son Jesus Christ to redeem my sin.